Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shelby Lou-Lou!

I have to say, Shelby has had a big improvement lately at school! WoooHooo!

She and all the other 3rd graders are taking the TAKS today for Math. This is something she has preparing for all year. Today’s special breakfast was cereal with fruit. She has already requested eggs tomorrow since she will be taking the reading portion on the test.

We had a long talk this morning about the importance of her keeping her eyes on her own test and no talking.

Her teacher gave her this lovely note yesterday.

It was very sweet and made Shelby smile, so I guess her teacher has earned a few brownie points from me.

I am also happy to report (early) that Shelby made the A/B honor roll this 6-weeks. We seem to work our tails off at the end of the six weeks to make that happen.

When I told Shelby she automatically asked what her prize was going to be. You see my mother and I disagree in this area: I don’t think I need to reward Shelby with video games and toys for doing exactly what she is supposed to do (well in school, not get in trouble, make her bed, clean her room, etc.) and my mother thinks that Shelby should be rewarded for everything.

My response to Shelby asking “what is my prize?” was “Your prize is making through the 3rd grade and getting to play with three awesome dogs when you get home.” She didn’t care for that response, but knows better then to fight me about on that subject.

Now every once in awhile I will reward Shelby for good behavior at school with something little like a dollar charm I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Those days are few and far between because it never fails that Shelby’s BTC (Behavoral Tracking Chart) comes home with a comment at least twice a week. Normally I am taking things away, like watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on Wednesdays. It looks like this Wednesday she will get to watch it. I know it is not the best thing in the world to watch, but we watch the episodes together and discuss them.

I found this in her backpack last week…yeap it’s a bond report or a wanted poster. She must have been bounty hunting at school.

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