Sunday, April 25, 2010

She said “Or I will not be your friend anymore.”

Our Conversation in the mini-van.
(names have been change to protect identity).

Shelby: Abigail is mad at me mom.
Me: Why?
Shelby: Because I want to play with Lola and Anna at recess. Abigail said that I was not being her friend, but mom she sits at my table and I see her outside of school. I am still her friend, but I like to meet new people and get to know new girls.
Me: Maybe you should tell Abigail that. Tell her that she is still your friend, but sometimes you want to play with other girls and she is welcome to play to.
Shelby: It’s not that easy mom.

Next topic

Shelby: Abigail said “go on the monkey bars or I won’t be your friend anymore.”
Me: Did you go?
Shelby: Nope, she is all bark with no chew.
Me: You mean all bark with no bite
Shelby: no…chewing is nicer then biting mom.

This morning

Shelby: MOM!!! There is a Spider in my drawer!
Me: Well smoosh it.
Shelby: I don’t smoosh spiders.
I went in…she pointed to it.
Me: Shelby it looks like a speck of dirt, not a spider.
So, I pushed it away.
Shelby: Mom this is so the end of the world! Really it is this time!

I really don’t remember 3rd grade being so dramatic.

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