Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letting Go

This afternoon I received an email from my uncle that stated
It’s in the go to the dump pile
with this picture was attached.
Then every memory I had sitting at the table and chairs came rushing over me: using it as a desk when Melinda and I played school, turning it upside down and use it as a pretend washing machine, and also sitting at it crying when my father and mother separated. I have had that plastic table and chairs since I was born. It has lasted over 32 years and now it was time to part with it.
About 14 years ago I put tons of things in my aunt’s storage at her home. Over the years I have sold things in garages sales and have brought things out to put in my home today, but that table and chairs was always left behind. Now she is doing a huge clean-out and wants it gone.
I quickly responded to his email with “give me a day at least to think it over before you trash it.” This was followed by a phone call to my parents where I heard “it’s time to let go” and “that old thing.’
My question is…what do you hold onto from your childhood?
 Beside this red plastic 1970s flashback I hold onto Sally. I got Sally for Christmas when I was four. Here we are together on Christmas morning.

I love that little sailor suite she had. She was my favorite doll of all time. Thanks to my Granny, Sally was put into a dresser drawer and we were re-united when I was 18. Here she is today.
She sits in my living room in my mother rocking chair.
I know it sounds stupid, but getting rid of Sally reminds me of the scene from Toy Story 2 where Jessie tells her story about how she was left in a box. I think I will always keep Sally.
I am not sure about the table and chairs. Shelby is too big for it. It is 32 years old and has seen better days and again it is plastic with cracks. I don’t know why it is so hard to let go. What should I do? 

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