Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If feelings were LEGO sets...

My love for you would be the Death Star.

If you don’t get it then you haven’t dated a geeky highly intelligent guy. Trust me as soon as I typed it I had to go and google it just to confirm that it meant what I thought it meant.

Warning: The following post is full of ubber lovely dovey stuff, so if you are weak at heart then I suggest you come back to tomorrow.

Dear JAG,
You have been gone for two days now and contrary to my original belief I can survive with out you…for now, let’s not make this a habit though. Your house is fine…we haven’t burned it down yet. The puppies are doing great, but I think they miss you…us girls do not compare to you in the puppy department. The remodeling of your bathroom is going great, but those guys still piss me off when they smoke cigars in the garage (just saying).

Having this time alone has made me think about the reason why I love you and miss you (just a little…I am not depressed or anything). I thought I would let you (oh and the world) know the things I love about you!

These are in no particular order.

When my father started treatment you told me “I won’t say it will be ok, but you will be ok.”

I love that you love music as much if not more then I do, even if you do listen to some country (yuck).

I love that you will spend hours looking at jewelry with me even if you are the only guy in the store.

I love that you dance around the living room to Lady GaGa with me.

I love that you introduced me to Lady GaGa’s music (heehee).

I love how involved you get in helping Shelby with her homework.

I love that you get excited to see your “name” in my blogs.

I love that even though you are in your thirties you still care about your parent’s views towards you and you still strive to please them.

I actually love when you talk about video games or have a video game flash back that includes you saying something like “a, b, up, up, left, right, left.”

I love how everyone at church is so happy to see you and how they make their way across the room just to shake your hand.

Words like responsible, caring, compassion, commitment come to mind when I think about you.

I love that you keep just about every book that you read and you have a room of just books to show for it.

I like when you say “don’t worry about it” in your deep voice.

Oh there are probably a thousand other things I love about you, but most of all I love that you help me be exactly who I am and that you wouldn’t change a thing about me!

And…I love that you love being JAG…

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