Monday, April 12, 2010

I am having a case of the Mondays!

Worse then normal today for some reason I hope it isn’t because JAG leaves today and will not be back until Friday. I know…I know it’s like 4 days, but still…it will be our longest separation and in our relationship it will seem like weeks. Ok. I know I am being WAY over dramatic.

I am just having a day…a day where I want to pack Shelby, JAG, our three dogs, and one hamster up and move to another city or state. I want to start over again in a new house with a new job and a new life.


I can’t wait for my mini-vacation. JAG is taking me for a weekend get-away on mother’s day weekend. We aren’t getting too far away just a couple of hours away to a lovely bed and breakfast in Granbury.

Until I get to stay in this lovely little cottage

And sit in the cute little courtyard
Just me and him for 3 days!

No place else to go…no one to see…
no text messages, no phone calls (except for Shelby) and no emails.

Right now at this moment 25 days seems like a lifetime away. I really pray for this mood to pass because I just want to crawl into bed put my blanket over my head and stay there.

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