Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Wishes for my Family

This afternoon I was flipping through one of my all time favorite blogs (see it here), thinking about JAG and planning out in my head the next 50 years of my life. Oh the daydreams. I can picture every detail of my future with him and our fives kids. That is Shelby plus Four MORE! I know I am crazy, but ask my mother I have always wanted a huge family.

I was in this self absorbed mode thinking I was going to write a blog about my wishes for my family (hence the title that I left). I was going to include things like having a trampoline that is sunken into the ground and having family game night. I went to Shawni’s blog for more awesome family ideas and I found this blog entry from September 1, 2008. You know me I followed link after link until I came across Stephanie’s blog.

Things were suddenly put back into perspective. Here I was making a wish of all the things I wanted in my future…some material when I come across this story. I am still in the process of reading Stephanie’s story and of course she was promptly added to my list of daily reading. I wanted to share her with you all.

I will continue to work on my list of wishes and hopes for my future with JAG. Our future together is a very important topic that we discuss daily. I am very thankful that God has given me the chance to experience a healthy loving relationship and right now my hopes are for that to continue for many years to come.

Also my hope is to determine (so off of the subject) what is going on with this girl!!!!

At home Shelby has been a DREAM! AWESOME! She has been respectful and helpful. I have zero complaints. That is why it is so hard to get an email from her teacher that says, “I am very concerned about Shelby.  She is having a difficult time staying on task.  That is why she has so many incomplete assignments.  She daydreams during the lessons even though she sits at the very front, and she plays during independent practice time.” I am so lost! How do I handle a child that is fine for me, but isn’t for her teacher. My mother thinks Shelby is being picked on by her teacher. I am not sure. It is getting so frustrating especially when Shelby gets written up for playing with her hair. I just want her to succeed, but I don’t know how to drill into her head that she has to focus at school. She is bright and knows how to do the work, but seems to have something seriously on her mind. I might start journaling with her some.

Sory for the ramble at the end, I hope you enjoy Stephanie’s blog and even Shawni’s (she is AWESOME).

We are half way through the week and it’s almost Easter!!!! Love you!

* yes I am fully aware that I started this blog talking about daydreaming at work and see the irony of that with Shelby’s situation. Is Daydreaming hereditary? 

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