Thursday, March 11, 2010


Before I start today I need to post my first re-traction (hope that is the right word).  I had a major typo last week… here is the corrected:

This Pentecostal raised girl went to her first Lutheran service and I have to say it was WAS NOT as boring as I thought.

Sorry about that! I was very happy and felt at home at JAG’s church.

Ok down to business

The word of the day is Lucky. My favorite definition for Lucky is happening by chance. Today I feel Lucky.

Show me your friends and I will show you your future Grandma Duggar. If you haven’t met the Duggar’s you should. Visit their website here. I normally get a lot of slack for liking Michelle and Jim Bob so much. While I know that 19 kids may not be the healthiest thing for Michelle’s body, I respect someone who will raise their family with such strong beliefs. I think they are all so wonderful.

Anyway, that statement has really hit home for me in the past two years. I unfortunately have seen the bad side of friendship and been friends with people whom were not healthy, but also during the past two years I have learned the joy of true friendship. I have also learned how to have meaningful relationships with friends I never get a chance to see. Two of my closest girl friends live in other states and one I have never met in person. Here are the stories about my luck in finding them:


I have mentioned Nicole many times before, but some people don’t realize that Nicole and I haven’t seen each other in almost two years. Nicole and I used to work together before she decided to go to school full-time. We have had a love/hate relationship that is now just love. Nicole is the person that I know will tell me what I need to hear. She is more straightforward then I am, if you can believe that. Many things have bonded the two of us together through the years and I am very lucky to have her as a friend even if she does come to Dallas and avoids seeing me.


Two years ago I found myself in a relationship where I needed a support group. I did some searching and found an online group. After being there for a few months I met a girl named Stefanie. Her name stood out because she is the second person that I have met that spelled her name with an “f” instead of a “ph.” Stefanie and I were fast friends bonded by our situation at the time, but then learning that we both had deep spiritual roots. We used to be called the “Christian Coalition” on that horrible website – which still cracks me up. I can always count on Stefanie to lift me up and pray for me…she is my prayer queen and was the only who instilled in me “worry about nothing, pray about everything.”

I have been lucky enough to see how mother-hood has impacted both of these women and I have loved to see every minute of their growth. I have been happy to lend an ear, a shoulder, and give advice the best I can. I can not express into words the love I have for these two women and how much my life as changed because of their friendship.

Little do the two of them know that they are currently going through the same struggles. My heart breaks for both of them and they are both prayed for daily. My hope is that they find the love and the healthy relationships that they both so much deserve. I hope for them both a feeling of peace with their current situations. And again I just love them both so much! I now have a reason to go to Oklahoma and Washington.

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