Monday, March 22, 2010


I am in a funk…have been in a funk…I am blaming it on the arrival of Aunt Flow. She always seems to take forever to get here and I dread every minute of her time with me.

I have been trying to cure the funk and have even read a blog on it. I went to the store where I purchased midol, Cherry Coke Zero (which is awesome), a twix and a snickers bar. These things will probably only relieve the funk temporarily.

Elvis is missing…meh…he hasn’t been home for two days. I didn’t think that would affect me since I have been caring for his attitude lately.

I am not looking forward to starting another busy work/home week. I hate that we have something to do almost every night this week. Then on Friday they are moving our office…which I know will be hell.

I really need to be more positive. I have a job! I have a cush job. I have a home…even though it needs a major cleaning. I have a life…yeap…got one of those. I have WONDERFUL friends!  I have an AWESOME boyfriend who has been such a gift and is learning what it is like to deal with me during these times.

And did I tell you? Did you know?  I have an awesome daughter! Look at her!

I don’t know what I did to get so lucky. She means the world to me. And even when I feel like the world is going insane around me if she thinks I am awesome then I know I will be just fine. 

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