Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Closing a Chapter: Mrs. Gweedo Duff

Three days until the I do’s will be said and the toasts will made. It will be official and time for me to close a chapter, again. Not that have been pining over my x husband…trust me that is not the case at all, but I think it time to review the pics and close the door. Shelby and I will always hold on to the good memories and try our best forget the pain that this relationship caused.

I spent so many years trying my hardest to be someone I wasn’t, trying to make him happy, trying to fit in to that mold. I am happier now that we are apart. I think this entry is to just deal with the pain of loosing my family and the struggle of starting a new family.

I have to say good bye, I have to forgive, so I can move on.

So here it is…here’s the pictures!

Ahhh! That is all I needed I feel much better now!

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