Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Closing a Chapter: Greg Morrison

Yesterday afternoon I was able to close this chapter in my life finally. Five months after our break up he was still in my life due to my past mistake with him.

Yesterday I was going to write our full story and post it, but after sleeping on it I decided that it is time to just close the door. If you know me then you know our story. It is a story that spanned 15 years of our lives. At some point in my life I will write it out. The story needs to be told, just not now.

My hopes and prayers for Greg are long. I really hope that he has learned from his past and that at the age of 34 he gets his life in line. My main pray is that he becomes comfortable with himself and that he stops living in this persona that is not him.

Chapter closed (of course I have to include pictures!)

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