Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kind Words Only at the Back to School Brinner

As we close out the Summer I feel like I have said, use kind words, your tone needs to be nicer, or that's not a nice thing to say to your sister far too many times. Everyone is looking forward to school starting tomorrow and the opportunity talk to someone not related to them.

Though I had given up on the perfectly decorated Back to School Brinner (breakfast for dinner), I knew I wanted to do something meaningful. So I grabbed the butcher paper placemats from Hearth & Hand (found on clearance last year) and some sharpies. I wrote each daughter's name at the top and you are... then I brought each one down one at a time as I made waffles. They were each supposed to write something encouraging and kind to their sisters without knowing what their sisters had written about them.

Matt and I also wrote kind things about each of them. My heart was so full seeing them write loving encouraging words about each other. They all said, "you are going to have a great year."

We went around the table and each girl took turns reading what had been written on her placemat. There were many, Ah, I love you, too's. 

Yes, Shelby was there too, but the picture I took was not approved for posting. Next time I will look at the picture to make sure everyone's eyes are open. 

Over waffles and bacon, we discussed what we are excited and what was making us nervous about tomorrow. Even I am a bit nervous about their first day of college, 2nd grade and 1st grade, so nervous that I may have labeled the half-wall.

Bekah and Morgan have awesome teachers this year - I have nothing to worry about, but feel I MUST ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS! 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Graduation Party: Fiesta and Fun!

I think it's no secret that I LOVE throwing a themed party. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I could not throw the standard "Congrats Grad" graduation party for Shelby. And, also, no shocker that we decided the theme for this party close to a year in advance - I just can't help myself!

I originally envisioned papel picado draped between the trees in our backyard and tables with Mexican Serape blankets but quickly I remembered that June is Houston is hot! So, I did what I normally do - I carried loads of furniture and decor into my garage to make room for the fiesta. Oh, how I would love to live in a mild climate...think of all the parties I could throw.

We had a chip and dip bar - this was before everything was out. 
I spent some time debating on dessert - cake or a full spread of random treats. I decided to have cookies made and it was the best decision. They were adorable.

The photo op was well used by guests.

We used Shelby's Instax camera like we did at her 16th birthday party (another party that I loved - click here to see the details).

Two other partygoers were still snapping pictures hours after the party had wrapped.

Balloon garland has become one of my favorite things to make. You can see the adorable one I created for our Donut Day Party by checking out my recent post on Houston Moms Blog.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Graduation :: Let Me Tell You How Fast Time Goes By

Want to know how fast 13 years of school for your oldest child will feel?

Probably about as fast as you can flip through these pictures.

Seriously, it's THAT fast. CRY!

Advice for You :: I thought that waiting a week after graduation would take the sting out of writing this post, but I was wrong.

Something horrible has happened - I blinked and my sweet little girl has grown into a beautiful young woman. I feel like I've slept through it - how did this happen already?

Man, I love her!

Well, she did it. All of my denial and begging for her to just spend one more year in high school didn't help - she graduated.

I didn't cry at all leading up to the day. I didn't cry when she left for prom. I didn't cry when she shared her legacy video.

I didn't cry on her last day of school. I didn't cry when we got to graduation and girlfriend bolted before I could get a picture. 

But as soon as they hit play on Pomp and Circumstance the tears started and they haven't stopped. 

I looked down on her from my seat and remembered how I felt during the Fall of her eighth-grade year when the school has us plan the courses she would take in high school to prepare her for college. 

It seems I've lived in a constant state of whiplash since this girl turned five. Always asking, "How did this happen?". 

I am grateful for dear friends who snapped pictures of the Livestream and from their seats on the other side of the stadium because Shelby didn't give her cheering section a single wave of smile {time goes by, but some things never change!}. 

Speaking of cheering section, the actual graduation was much less stressful than I had planned. When 850+ kids graduate at one time it can be chaos, but It was good. We found great seats with an unobstructed view of our graduate. 

The crowd trickled in slowly which made getting my parents to our seats easier. Since my father is now on continuous oxygen he had a separate entry and had to take the elevator instead of the stairs. We were unsure if we would see them during the actual ceremony. 

My ex-husband was also able to find us and sat with us during the ceremony which was really good. Co-parenting {or our version on long distance co-parenting} is not always easy. I am glad he and Shelby's step-mother were able to be there.  

I found myself a little sad thinking about how when we took her to her first day of kindergarten we didn't see what was to come and how the day she graduated we would take separate pictures with her. God had many different plans for our lives and I am pretty happy with God's plan. 

I am pretty stinking proud of my girl! I look forward to seeing what life has planned for her. 

Shelby's final report card slid into my mailbox as I was finishing this post - now that's some mean timing! I'm off to find my box of tissues! 

Monday, June 10, 2019

The End of Another School Year {But this One is Different!}

It feels as if the months have flown, I've blinked and it's now June! The girls' school year end last week just as quickly and busy as it began.


Morgan had such a great kindergarten year! She was able to learn so much and excelled at everything that was placed in front of here. The size of her heart showed as she walked into new friendships. 

Her sticker quote pretty much sums up her year and is so Morgan! I attribute so much of Morgan's success to her AMAZING Kindergarten teacher. We were very lucky this year to have the same Kindergarten teacher that Bekah had last year. She is the best teacher and now if officially part of life forever! I have prayed that she would move into teaching 1st or 2nd grade. 


It was a good school year for Bekah. She did let herself relax {some} and really tried to focus on own learning instead of what others in her class were doing. I am so proud of how hard she works and how much she has learned this year.

Bekah's teacher was amazing, especially for her first year. Bekah adores her and thinks she's just the coolest person in the world.

Okay, so here comes the difference that I don't think I have fully accepted.


Shelby had her last day of school...her very last day {as a non-adult} of school. Senior year was AMAZING and she also excelled while continuing to work. She fell in love with forensic science and now is on the path to enter into the criminal justice field {pray for me}. 

I will have a complete post about graduation and how fast these 12 years have flown by soon.