Thursday, January 10, 2019

Highlight of Her Winter Break

During our Christmas break, my family did pretty close to nothing.  My mom came into and we had our Royal love tank filled at the Museum of Fine Arts experiencing the Tudors to Windsor exhibit.

I am so in love with this painting! I hoped they had it in a postcard or print, but they didn't. 

Other than that we put together four puzzles and watched three seasons of the Great British Bake Off. I wish I could say, "it was exactly as I had dreamed", but, honestly, I sat in mom guilt a majority of the time.

I really need traditions. 

Should we go somewhere? Do something? Should I come up with a group craft? 

All they've done is watch tv...I'm a great mom. 

Morgan's teacher gave her a packet of things to complete during the break and one of the assignments was to write about the highlight of her winter break.

I just knew the highlight would be her new bike or her American Girl things from Grammy, so I was shocked when said, "Spending time with my family".  Then, my heart melted.

There we are all festive and Christmas-y {color was added later}. I am cooking behind the kitchen counter.  I am not sure what is happening with Matt {he's the one with the spikey hair in the lower right}. Check out that Christmas tree - she had zero help and did it all in pen!

Then take a look at the girl front and center - that's Morgan!

She's meditating which is something that she is completely into these days. I looked over during church a few weeks ago to see her with her elbows on her knees and her palms up, humming during the sermon like something the pastor {not her grandad} was saying was severely stressing her out. I guess she needed to chill for a moment.

I love this memory. I love her heart. And I kind of really love that she was meditating!

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