Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bekah, the Future Author

Last month I received a wonderful surprise from Bekah's teacher!

All of her focus was put into writing this amazing book.

By Bekah
Boy Jesus
Born in a Stable

Along Time
There were no 
beds in Bethlehem

There was an angel in the ski
she said, do not be afraid
I've come here for a reason
you much come with me

I am taking the liberty to translate a bit for you, for instance, "you must cum wits me" - God, love her! 

The King prayed to
the baby. The Shepherd prayed too. 

Baby Jesus is finally alone.

Poor Baby Jesus, it's hard to have so many visitors. 

I could cry. This was just too precious not to share. Bekah has such a big heart and that heart beats for Jesus. She is most certainly a little kindergarten evangelist. 

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