Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This Guy Turned 40!

Between Harvey and the start of school Matt turned 40 and we had a big 'ole shindig!

I know Matt wanted a surprise party, but well, I am just not the surprise party type especially since all my parties seem to take at least a day to setup. I was super excited to have a beer theme party!

The cupcakes were Chocolate Stout Pub Cupcakes, click here for the recipe.

Tried to make most of the food with some sort of beer like Bacon Beer Cheese Dip and Beer & Bourbon BBQ Chicken Sliders.

I had everyone sit around and watch a montage of Matt over the past 40 years (see below).

He so did not want to, but I made him endure singing and blowing out his candles. The pink crown was not my doing (it was part of a gift), but was the perfect addition.

It was so much fun and we loved having all of our friends together to celebrate Matt's big day!

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