Thursday, September 21, 2017

Morgan's Vintage Puppy Party

As I was posting pictures from all our recent parties Mommy guilt kicked in because I never posted pictures from Morgan's 4th Birthday. Actually, I don't think I did her 3rd either. Yikes, you may have to sit through another party post tomorrow.

Morgan's 4th Birthday was on of my favorites and led me to collect ceramic dog figures for months prior to the party.

And, yes, I sewed Morgan a dress to match her party because that is just what I do!

We had a puppy Adoption. 

And painted puppies to take home.

Of course Morgan's was purple. 

And, of course, Bekah painted a Cat instead of a dog.

The, it was on to cake!

She still gets all embarrassed when people sing Happy Birthday. 

She loved opening presents her friends had picked out for her and then it was onto the piƱata which has become a tradition for all Littles' parties at our house. 

I am about six months late with this post, but it's now done! I really do hope to post more "everyday" life over the next year.

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