Friday, September 22, 2017

Morgan's Minnie Mouse Birthday

Well about 18 months after the fact, but here is Morgan's 3rd Birthday Party! And really her first actual party for her birthday...thankfully my father in-law captured a bunch of pictures for me!

This was a super fun theme to work with and I had a blast making mini!

Coloring was a super easy activity for this age. 

Chatting with friends and family!

The super embarrassing part for her...she can't stand be sung to

And, yes, I made the entire family dress in theme...even Dad. That is just what I do!

We finished with bubbles and more conversations outside.

Okay, Mom guilt is officially over and I have now posted EVERYONE's birthday parties! Now onto Bekah's 6th which will be Mary Poppins and Morgan's 5th which will be Unicorns. And I am happy to say I have already started collecting the decor! Yes, my children normally request their theme a day or so after their last party.

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