Friday, May 19, 2017

End of School Year for the Littles

Warning: This post is for the grandparents and anyone else who wants an overload of kid pictures. 

Today was Bekah's last day as a pre-schooler (and yesterday was Morgan's) and I think I only cried once (I think...maybe more). It just gets me to realize that this year has already flown by and as of next Thursday afternoon I will have a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL and a KINDERGARTENER and a preschooler. I knew this day would come, but come on! Already? I didn't even mention what I will be in November (in my mind I will always be 25).

Morgan absolutely loved being in school this year and cried on days that she stayed at home while Bekah went to school. She was sad, at first, about moving on the the 4-year old class until she learned Mr. Everett (who is a rockstar to my girls) will be her teacher for Summer Camp.

She got a 2-inch notebook full of memories and pictures from the year...I will cherish it forever! 

Morgan got the award for "Most Cheerful"
Morgan and her teachers

Bekah had a great school as well! The last few months have been more difficult just because she was just so serious while at school and had zero patience for anyone who didn't follow the rules.

Bekah and her teachers. Her assistant teacher was Morgan's lead teacher - which was awesome.  

She had a Step Up Ceremony...which was like graduation. They called her name as "Rebekah Bahn" which had me crying...

I didn't realize how much older she looked (even with the pictures I took above) until I saw this in her memory book.

Her cheeks and then her lack of cheeks...I didn't realize in August how much she still had a baby face and I didn't realize until today how gown up her features have become. CRY!!!! 

I am so thankful for this year and the opportunity that have had. I am thankful for all the memories and friends. I am thankful, though I start to cry, for pictures of them at this young age in the sanctuary where there grandfather preaches each Sunday. I am thankful that their memories are intermingled with the legacy he is making. 

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