Friday, November 6, 2015

Your Birthday Gift to Me: Kara Tippetts Foundation

Today I am 38. 

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes, cards and sweet texts. 

I’ve sat thinking a praying about this post for a week because I don’t want it to come across the wrong way at all. 

I am not expecting presents from anyone on my birthday - I am blessed with so many things and so much love, but I want you to please consider something for me. Would you please today watch this video and if you are so inclined please donate to this foundation. Even $5 would help. 

I am sure if I launch into another post about what Kara meant to me that you will surely roll your eyes, so I want to tell you what this foundation will mean to others. Kara’s brother Dennis started this foundation to help others with Stage IV cancer live life to the fullest. Kara was blessed to be financially able to travel and make many memories with her children before she left this world, many others who battle cancer do not have the same opportunity. The foundation was started to bless others as they travel down this difficult road. 

Please consider this today and think of it as a birthday gift to me. Because (and I type this in tears) that would mean the world to me. 

“Let’s be a reminder of grace in their hard. And please—share the word.”
 ~from Mundane Faithfulness 

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