Thursday, September 17, 2015

Even When Things are Terrible, He has got it

Know that God is in control. Even when things are terrible, He has got it.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I have a very wise husband. And the guy is overly talented at knowing exactly when I need certain reminders. Like above that he sent me today. 

I know the statement above to be true, but man, the struggle is real! 

I am on social media (mainly Facebook) way more than I should be - I’ll admit it. Sometimes I call it “my job”. I read articles, I connect with friends, I connect with other bloggers and writers and, of course, I post what I write. But with all truthfulness, I am on social media way too much. 

Lately I’ve been funky. I mean a serious black cloud of blah has been following me around. I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that it’s mid September and I live in Houston - where the weather stinks. Last week we had a little teaser of fall, but this week it’s back up in the nineties. As I person who throughly adores Fall that really makes me funky. I am ready for crunchy leaves and not breaking a sweat walking from the door to my car (not from being out of shape, mind you, but for the humidity). I was even going to write a post about the Un-Fall Funk - it’s a true condition - I have it. 

Today as I was reading the 10 millionth article about the kid with the “clock”  (who is actually from my hometown) and was like “enough is enough.” I am so tired of the world right now! I am tired of what the media does to us by making stories way bigger than they should be (not talking about the clock, just in general). I have found myself in the past month reading a news story, then researching it. I want the “truth” - I want to know the details before I know if I should get up in arms about something. That research just leads to more “Oh My Goodness - What is the World Coming To?” feelings. 

I spent my lunch time today un-following and un-friending people or groups that constantly just talk news because honestly I am done - I don’t want to hear it anymore. I would rather live in the dark, not know what’s happening in the majors cities around me, then live in this funk. 

I received the message above after sharing this tangent with my husband. My initial response, “ugh…I know!” It was not so much of a “don’t preach to me” as it was a defeating sigh. I know He is and I need to trust Him. 

Trust is what I need to do. Trust that He has all of this, that He knows what He is doing and in the end there will be victory over the evil that is in our world right now. 

What I don’t need to do is challenge Him. I find myself saying, “Okay Lord. Just come back and let’s get this over with. Please stop the suffering. Please stop the hate. Please stop the violence. Lord, please save us from this mess that we’ve made. Come Now! SOS! We need you!”

Oh man, how we need you. I need you - my neighbor needs you - the president needs you - the ladies from the View definitely need you (don’t even get me started). 

Wow, as I have typed this I’ve felt a weight lift off of me. I love that feeling, when you let it go and give it to him. It’s not my job to fix our society. It’s not my job to turn everyone into believers. All I am to do is follow Him and love people. 

Speaking of loving people and Facebook. In the midst of all of this yuck, I’ve been blessed. I could never have imagined that someone I have never met would bless me so much, but Kara Tippets and her legacy has done it again. 

A community was formed (there is an official Facebook group for it) of people who are friends of Kara’s. Many of us friends never got the opportunity to meet Kara, but we all still mourn the loss of our dear friend. Yesterday, 3,500 people joined the group and at last count on my prayer journal I was allowed the amazing opportunity to pray for close to 100 of those women. Women who are battling cancer, have lost their spouses, their parents and women who like me were inspired to do great things because of Kara. 

In the process of writing my story there are two key people that the Holy Spirit worked through to give me the courage to share all my ugly with you. One was my dear friend, Emily, just the excitement that she had to learn more about me and my life made it so much easier to get this all started. And secondly was Kara. Every time I got down on myself and listened to people who said my story should remain under the rug I would listen to Kara speak on sharing your story and the power of being vulnerable. 

Yesterday through the power of the thing I dislike so much today (Facebook) I was able to connect and love on women who just needed an outlet to share their feelings, their fears and ask for prayer. It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s a bright spot in a very dark world. I wish their stories were news headlines because they should be heard. We should be rallying around the women who are battling for their lives instead of women who live to make buck off of others’ suffering. I don’t want to know which Kardashian did what, I want to know how I can love women who need love and someone to lean on. 

Out of all the women that I “meet” yesterday, Becky McCoy’s story stood out and made such an impact on my heart. I ask that you watch this video and that you keep Becky and her beautiful children in your prayers. Please pray for Becky on Sunday as she runs a half marathon in the honor of her amazing husband. 

You can also follow her blog:

And if you are interested, here is more information about the Mundane Faithfulness Community on Facebook:

Also, as always, I strongly suggest that you read Kara’s blog. Her friends have done an amazing job re-posting Kara’s writing. I promise that you will be blessed by Kara as well.

As for me, well I can’t stop Facebook all together, but I do plan to step back some. I should focus my attention on the stack of writing submission opportunities that sit on the desk in front of me. And I most definitely need to focus on the mounds of laundry that never seems to fold itself. 

Please know that I here to pray for you. If there is something weighing on your heart today please allow me to lift it up to Jesus as well. 

And remember He is in control - He’s got this. Love you! 

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