Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Father/Daughter Dance

On Saturday our church had their 11th annual Father/Daughter Dance. Bekah went with Matt and Shelby went with Grandad (Matt's dad).

Bekah was super excited about her dress.

I made her a corsage out of felt instead of buying one that she'd probably just pull the petals off of. It was so sweet (and rewarding) when she told Matt "See my flowers? Mommy made them just for me!"

Shelby got a beautiful corsage from Grandad.

I totally blew this picture with the lighting, but here they are before they left.

 While they were gone, Morgan and I went hung out with Matt's mom and aunt. Here is the best picture Morgan would take.

She's not quite ready for dances - there would be more chasing Morgan than actual dancing happening.

Speaking of dancing, I made sure to follow along on facebook while they were at the dance. Do you think she's dancing here?

Maybe here?

Anyway, I hear that some dancing actually took place and Shelby throughly enjoyed herself! Success!

They all had a great time! And now I have some super adorable pictures!

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