Saturday, January 3, 2015

Handmade Christmas

It's safe to say that everyone has received and opened their presents, so now I can share with you what I made for Christmas and where to find the tutorials.

I decided pretty early on that 2014 would be the year for Handmade Christmas, but I procrastinated until...hmmmm....maybe the week of Christmas to complete each gift.

First, up a quilt for my newest niece.

You can find the tutorial here: Beginner's Quilt Sewing Tutorial.  I really hope the softness distracts from a few minor flaws and that it holds together. It's my first "quilt", but it was pretty easy to make.

For my nephews I decided to go with crayon rolls.

There are many tutorials for this project, but I used this one: The What Was I Thinking Crayon Roll Tutorial.  We have had our crayon roll since before Bekah was born and it's perfect for coloring during church, so I knew my nephews would love them.

My two niece's in Colorado go a kitchen for Christmas, so my sister in-law requested aprons. This was by far my favorite gift to make.

 They turned out perfectly and I even had enough material to make my sister in-law a matching one. I used this tutorial: Toddler Apron Tutorial and the fabric is from JoAnn's.

It took be awhile to decide what to make for my in-laws and really I decided on December 23rd at about 6 pm, picture coasters. I've seen this tutorial so many times.

I don't have an exact tutorial to point you to, but if you search DIY coasters on Pinterest I am sure you will find it. They turned so well so everyone that made a set for my brothers and sisters in-laws, too!

I hope the receipts love them as much as I loved making them! I hope that in  the new year I will post some tutorials of my favorite crafts.

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