Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Library Books with Late Fees

Before I start this evening can I just ask - Why is it so bloody hot? Saturday was an absolutely GORGEOUS Fall day and since then it’s gradually gotten hotter to where I now break a sweat walking out of HEB. (where I picked up some pumpkin spice stuff as any girl should do during the first party of October). I love Fall - I dislike Summer. Can you tell without me actually telling you? 

So, back to my story. 

A few months ago I got the brilliant idea to get a library card. There are books that I see on Instagram (you can follow me @danaraeblog) and through bloggers that I really wanted to read, but I just couldn’t bring myself to add another book to the hundreds that reside in our house already. (mostly Matt’s - he has trouble letting go of things - especially books). 

So, I loaded up all three girls and we took our first trip one day before school started. I made sure the littles were in the stroller since we were going to the college library. I went straight to the front desk and got a library card - I was instantly transported to going to the Central Library in my hometown with my Meme to get my very first library card. With my card in hand I hit the nearest computer armed with my Amazon Wish List (where I keep all the books I want to read). I guess I was pretty dumb to think they’d have books readily available from some of my favorite bloggers - nope just one copy for all of the Houston area and it was checked out with an extra long wait list (which is even longer now, but more on that latter). 

My bliss in the public library lasted all of two minutes. Then Morgan’s dislike for the library hit her - hit her hard. I took her out of the stroller and tried to hold her hand which made her throw herself into the floor until I let go and the she bolted through the non-fiction section of a very quiet college library. Every time I touched her she screamed bloody  murder. I grabbed her and bolted outside. Then I realized I just left my two other children in the library. 

This is one of those times that I am so thankful for Shelby. She came to front doors, but couldn’t leave the building because there were library books in the stroller that she was pushing. I am not sure if we actually selected them of if they were put there by a two-year-old with a fascination for vampire books (at least that’s what she grabbed). Oh that stroller (it a sit and stand or in our case a sit and sit) it’s roomy enough for my kids to attempt to shop life. I kid you not, Morgan was throwing all kinds of items in there while I was trying to check out at H&M the other day. 

Ok where was I? Yes, Shelby front door trying not to set off the alarm, me on the outside with a then quiet toddler. I composed myself and carried Morgan back inside. We didn’t get two steps past the door and she started flipping out again. And again, I bolted, this time to the bathroom. Poor Shelby was so confused. Morgan gets ahold of herself in the bathroom, so I step out (into the biography section) whispering “Shelby.” I could feel Morgan’s heart starting to race - I guess she’s not going to be a reader - and I find Shelby, dump a stack of books on the nearest cart and head for the door. Not fast enough for Morgan, though, as she lets out one more blood curling scream which I am sure could be heard all the way upstairs. 

We’ve tried her again since the incident and she flipped again, so needless to say I go the library alone or when Matt’s mom watches the girls. 
I’ve also learned to request (have the library find for me and hold) the books I want to read. The problem with this arrangement at first was I went back to my extensive (I mean 100+ books) Amazon Wish list and just requested everything I could. I would go into the library every week and pick up over five books at a time. This is where I remind you that have ADD - severe, untreated ADD, so there was no way I was going to make it through that huge stack of books before they were due back (about two weeks). I wound up rechecking most of them until my limit of re-checks ended. 

So, here I am about two months later I have have read two books. Wait I read one all the way through which I intended to discuss during this blog post, but since I’m already up to 800 words (thanks for sticking with me) it may a post for another day. Then I started reading one, paid a late fee (of a whopping .30) and returned it even though I had only gotten half way through. 

Can I tell you that right now as we your read this (or as I type this) I am late fee non-paying, wait list violator. Yep, it’s really nothing to brag about. Sorry Harris County Public Library system. On my honor, I will see if there are volunteer opportunities so I can make this up to you (and maybe read a few books while I’m there). 

My loaned copy of The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle is now about two weeks (or maybe more) late. I attempted to “re-check” it, but was told that since so many people are inline to read it I wasn’t aloud. Oh, man I feel like a terrible person even typing that. I promise I’m almost done. I would have completed it soon, but I had a busy Thirty-One month, did a lot of volunteering at Shelby’s school, have toddlers and did I mention ADD?

I checked today and I owe $5…that’s huge in  the world of library late fees. I really hope I don’t get black listed - do you think they will take my excuses? I just know there is a great woman in my area (she has to be great because she loves Melanie as well) who is more than likely a blogger too (we gotta stick together) who is so po’d at me because she’ s next in line and I’ve boggarting   the only copy of this book in the entire Houston area library system. 

Can I just ask, why in the world did they only purchase one copy of this book? Note to self - see if the library has a purchasing position open - I know they could use my expertise on books especially ones written by Christian Bloggers. 

Since, I’ve run oh so long I’ll save my love for this book for a later post as well. So if you are keeping track that means I owe you a review on Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist (the one book I’ve made it through since I got my library card) and The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle. I also got half way through Bread and Wine by Shauna Neiquist. Let me just say don’t read her books if you are on a “lifestyle change” that includes cutting out sugar and bread. I will also tell you these books are both perfect me (a person living with ADD) because they are all short essays…so much easier for me to read and feel accomplished along the way. 

So, please pray that I will devote the time to finishing my reading because it helps me in so many ways. And pray that the library will take pity on me. I know one thing - I will not take this kid with me…she’s cute here, but she’s not that cute when she’s screaming her head off. Wait, she is, but they may not think so. 

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