Monday, October 6, 2014

Bekah's 3rd Birthday - Pirate & Princess Style

She's now three. How can that be?

Ha! Totally rhymed there.

About six months ago I asked Bekah what kind of party she wanted. Her response "Princess." Ten minutes later she said "A Pirate Party!" So, we blended the two and created a Pirate and Princess Party.

Let me just say (and Matt is so proud) this party caused no big Freak-Outs on my part. I started my Pinterest Board right away and really didn't go too overboard (atleast I think I didn't...I've done worse).

I didn't want to do character themed party because I just can't seem to do those. Shelby had a couple...maybe three, but I'm not that big into character things. I digress...I found the perfect invite.
You can order it here:

So, I went with a Hot Pink, Black and White theme. I transformed our dining room into The Party Room.

Little by little my designed changed (at least in my mind) until I came to this. At the last minute I created signs for the food and beverages.

Bekah loved it all!
I've been making the girls cotton princesses dresses lately (I've only made 3 total). I'll post more, maybe even a tutorial later.

Saturday was gorgeous in Houston, so we spent most of the party outside where I had set up games.
I wish I had gotten a really good picture of our Plank. Matt did an excellent job.

We also had a treasure dig and pin the jewel on the crown (which I didn't get a picture of either).

When I asked them if they had found any treasure they responded with "We are burying it!" Whatever works. They had a blast. Kids were everywhere. Bekah has 11 friends over.

After awhile of food and playing we gathered everyone on the blanket and Matt handled "present opening".

They were all so excited to show Bekah her presents and she loved all of them so much especially the Princess Shoes (more on that at the end).

This is what Morgan did during Present Opening time. She could stay in that swing all day and the boys were so sweet to keep pushing her.

Then we headed in to sing and blowout candles.

This was the best group shot we could get...they were ready to eat cake!

It was such a great day! All our guests had fun and these two had a blast!

After all our guests left and we cleaned up some, we broke open the Princess shoes and they strutted their stuff all over the tile floor - for hours.
Not sure how her father felt about it, but Morgan quickly mastered walking in platform shoes. 

Princess dress from Gram & Grandad...she's wearing it again today.

It wasn't easy to get them wound down and I believe Morgan even slept her her princess shoes. 

Just so you know that the pictures for the blog were a group effort between him
 and me of-course

And incase you are wondering, Shelby was at a Confirmation Retreat this weekend and missed the party. She knew she would and was ok with it all. 

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