Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Letter to the Littles

Dear Littles,

I love this age that you are in. You both are overflowing with personality and love for each other.(most of the time) (Although you fight) (And the fights are really bad)

Bekah, I love that you call Morgan, "Sweetie."  It's always, "Have you seen my Sweetie" "Oh be careful Sweetie."

And you also like to be referred to as "Bekah Bahn." Sometimes you'll call out "Mommy" to which I respond "What-y?" and you get so angry to which you say "My name is not Woody it's Bekah Bahn."

You changed your name last week, though. As we were all watching the voice you stood in front of the TV and said "Hello my name is Nay-Nay, now listen to me sing." The next day you said, "You can call me Bekah or you can call me Nay-Nay or Bekah Princess." It's all about Princesses around here.

You're a great big sister and a pretty awesome little sister - even when you get on Shelby's nerves.

And Morgan (or should I say Sweetie) you are always smiling and always getting into things. You have no fear what so ever. (except for loud noises like when  blowing up balloons with a helium tank, but I get that).

You want to be big (meaning be three like Bekah) so bad. You do everything she does including climbing on everything - EVERYTHING. You are always laughing, always smiling and I can't wait for your babbling to make sense to us. You have a lot to say. 

I think you two came into my life at the most perfect time. I'm relaxed, I know the importance of spending time with you and I don't sweat the small stuff like you matching all the time. (Or even wearing clothes)

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