Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sparkler and Fireworks

I am dragging this morning after hearing fireworks until 3 am. Well, I didn't hear them the entire time since I got up and found earplugs, but when Bekah woke up in the middle of the night the neighbors were still going strong.

Last night we went to Matt's parents with my friend Shanna, her husband and boys (who have become Bekah's best friends). We grilled, ate yummy desserts and had great fellowship.

Once the sun went down it was time for a show from the driveway!

Morgan wore the same outfit that Bekah wore two years ago. See my post from yesterday,

It's big girls first year to hold her own sparkler. She had a blast. 

This guy put on a great show. 

They were huge and very loud. I need to perfect my capturing skills some though. 
In North Texas each city normally has their own fireworks show, so as you are driving down Airport Freeway from one event to another you can see each city's show. Last night as we drove home we got to see small fireworks shows on every street. It's a love/hate think. I love seeing the fireworks, but I majorly dislike still hearing them at 3 am.

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