Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

Happy 4th!

All week I've kept saying, "This time two years ago we were in Branson." It amazes me how fast two years can go by.

See what I mean? Look at my girls! I think Morgan is going to wear the exact same outfit that Bekah has on today. An look at my Shelby...she was so young. 

As I was reminding Shelby of where we were two years ago she said, "Well, four years ago I was standing in front of the church." It took me a moment then I realized that today is our (mine and Shelby's) baptism birthdays! Shelby was baptized four years ago today and I was baptized 15 years ago. Yikes...15 years ago I was 21. 

Four years ago this picture was taken.

The afterwards I went on a road trip with my semi-new boyfriend to meet his parents. I was scared to death. It was also the trip where I'd see my dad for the first time during his cancer treatment. Oh wow...that made me tear up a bit. It's been for years since my father's battle with cancer. And on our drive back to North Texas is when Matt and I decided to move things a set forward which mean about a week after we were engaged. So many things revolved around July 4th for us.

Last year it was just me and the littles at home while Matt worked and Shelby was in South Texas. Bekah and I watched fireworks on the television.

Today we are going to relax, enjoy family, good food from the grill and some fireworks from the driveway. I pray that you have a great Independence Day and that you along with all your family stay safe.

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