Friday, June 27, 2014

The Girl’s Still Got It – A Must Read

I am not much of a book review writer. Last year I joined a blogging for books group, but failed miserably. I have difficulty writing when I am supposed to write, when I am asked to write on a certain topic, so I read the book (or in that case the devotional), but never published a blog about it – I failed.

So, this post isn’t a book review, but a possible ramble about my love for Liz Curtis Higgs and her book The Girl’s Still Got It – Takea Walk with Ruth and the God Who Rocked Her World.

Let me start off by saying that I have had this book for two years (I’m a bit behind on my reading stack). I purchased the book to go along with a Women’s Retreat I was a part of that covered Ruth. I think I made it through a few chapters before the retreat, but I have an excuse – I was in my first trimester with Morgan and my ADD was in full swing. That is really the only reason I didn’t finish the book. It is a very easy read – not easy like a Dick and Jane book, but Liz has a way of pulling you into a story. You get so wrapped up in the details that you look up at 1 am and wonder if you can squeeze in another chapter before you really really need to get some sleep.

There are just a small handful of authors that I adore and Liz is at the top of that list. I love love love her! She’s even more amazing in person. I had the awesome opportunity of meeting her during the Fall of 2012 at a women’s ministry conference where she actually sign my copy of this book (whoot! Whoot!).  She is purely delightful. You may know her from her Best Selling Bad Girls of the Bible series.

What makes Liz such a great Non-Fiction Christian writer is she started out as a writer of just fiction.  She sucks you into the events of bible by saying things like “All three women are wearing coarse sackcloth, woven from goat’s hair and dyed black. Make me itch just looking at them.” The words she uses to open the first chapter of the book make you feel like you are there with Naomi, Ruth and Orpah as they stand by the fresh graves of their loves. I love it, I love being sucked into a story.

I’ve sat through many a bible study where we through a chapter verse by verse and let me be honest it bores me most times, but the way Liz dissects Ruth and turns this chapter of the bible into pictures you can see and feel makes it so easy to pick up every detail of this event.

Right now I’m flipping through, looking for any highlighted passages I want to share without giving away any of the good stuff that you need to read for yourself because I really truly want you to read this book. This and all of her books. The Bad Girls of the Bible is a great place to start for new believers who want to learn about events in the bible. It has wonderful tales of redemption and forgiveness with a ton of DRAMA mixed in…I love love love that book. How annoying are all move loves getting to you?

Oh wait, found a quote that I love and won’t ruin the story for you:
Why do teachers and speakers and preachers go on and on about the Bible? Because “they are not just idle words for you – they are your life.” His holy Word fills your spirit the way food nourishes your body. Stop eating? Die physically. Stop taking in the Word? Die Spiritually.

She goes on to say, We live in a culture that make it easy to lose an hour on Facebook and hard to find ten minutes for bible study. Yikes – that hit a nerve in me. All of this was so timely as I begin to dive into the events of the bible.

I just flipped through again to see if there is anything else that I could share with you. I have a ton marked, but most of it is the meat of the story that you need to read and a few are things where I notated “I love how she said this. I love this wording.”

So, this can all be summed up by saying you really need to read this book. I am not sure if it’s at half priced books yet (which is where I get a majority of my books), but I know they normally have most of the bad girl series since it’s been a pretty popular bible study topic.

Let me leave you with Liz’s Ruth Rap. Oh man I love her!

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