Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Tale of Two Eaters

The Littles (Bekah and Morgan) have two completely different personalities. That’s something I expected as a mother, but I didn’t expect for them to be two completely different eaters as well.
Morgan is my good eater. She’s everything on her plate, and then licks her plate and her tray. Quite often if we aren’t watching she will eat crumbs and things that fell on the floor during the meal. She’s always hungry and I’m not really sure where she is putting it all expect for in her hair.

She is also my child that bathes twice a day or more.

As you may assume if Morgan is my good eater then Bekah is the child we are struggling with and you are correct. Bekah eats breakfast, sometimes eats lunch, but hardly ever easts dinner. I’ve cut back on the amount of milk and juice she drinks and she rarely snacks, but it’s still not helping. There are many nights that she goes to bed without eating dinner (sometimes without eat lunch or dinner). I can get a little fruit into her, so I guess that’s something. I refuse to fix her a meal that different than what everyone else is eating. If Morgan eats it then Bekah should eat it too.

How do you handle a child that won’t eat? Do you make them at least take one bite? Do you not push it – they will eat when they are hungry?

Matt tries the “you can’t get down from the table until you eat something” approach. Last night I left them at the table and ran to Lowe’s. When I got back an hour later her full plate was sitting at the table, but she was in bed. So, that approach isn’t working for us either.

I think I won’t worry too much about it, but at the same time I want to make sure the food she does get is healthy.

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