Monday, April 14, 2014

The Great Reset

Can you believe it's been a month?

It's been a month since we packed up three two uhaul trucks and a trailer headed from North Texas to Cypress. A month goes by fast.
Ready to get on the road. I drove the Uhaul in the background

Even though we love our new home this hasn't been the easiest move for anyone - that is why we named it The Reset.
The New House
When we started this endeavor we knew that it would be a big change (hence reset). Even though we are familiar with the area it's still new for us. We left all our friends (and get the oppontunity to make knew ones), Shelby left her family (her dad and family) and we are settling into a new church family. We also started Dave Ramsey (to be wiser with our money), The Daniel Plan bible study (to be wiser with our health) and a Saturday morning group workout (where active "rest" is jumping jacks - ouch). Is it possible to have too much change at once? Probably. If so, we are pushing that line.

But I'm thankful. I spent four month as a single mother of three and that just stunk, so to have my husband in the same house is amazing.

I'm thankful that I am only down to...let me count..looks four boxes in my kitchen compared to 32 pictured above.

I'm thankful for our backyard and that Houston weather hasn't be too awful yet.

The girls love being outside. I love that we have a big tree like we did in North Texas.

The girls are also fully enjoying their playroom. I love we have a place for their toys to explode besides our living room.

The little girls' room is coming along, but just like the other rooms, it still has boxes lining the walls.

We have also been giving potty training a try (again) (not successful yet)

As far as home schooling goes (or online public school)? Eh...I think we are both ready for public school next year.

Well, I better get back to window cling monitoring (since Morgan thinks they are gummy bears) and unpack more boxes. I hope to have this place done soon and write more too.

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