Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day Two


If I would have written this last night it would probably go something like this

Schooling at Home is great! It's a dream! I have my menu planned (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the rest of the month, my kitchen is clean and my laundry is done. Total June Cleaver moment.

That was yesterday. The Schooling at Home Honeymoon ended today. I would say my euphoria of how great life is ended around 1 am when Morgan woke up with a stuffy nose. She slept in my bed tossing, turning and being completely frustrated that she had to breathe through her mouth. At one point (around 4 am) I just gave up and starting surfing the internet from my phone. I'm just rambling here...I'm exhausted.

So, I woke up tired. Morning with school went okay, then we ran to target (JAG thinks I go there everyday - he may be right) and had pizza for lunch. After lunch Shelby asked for an hour off to get over her exhaustion from take her reading assessment test this morning. I thought, eh, no big deal since yesterday or school ended around Noon. 

Around 1:30 I realized that may have been a mistake when I printed this off.

Supplementary? Complementary? Huh? What? Did I sleep through this? 

That is when the internal meltdown began. What in the world am I doing? Am I going to ruin Shelby? Will she have to repeat 7th grade? 

My mood feed into her and it led to us bickering and butting heads which finally ended with her saying "I can do it, just get out!" Urgh. You have to understand that since we delayed things an hour that the littles were up from their nap (early of course). So, I had Bekah screaming that her princess crown wasn't fitting and Morgan was a complete snot faucet (sorry...it's true...snot everywhere). So all that and being OVERWHELMED with pre-algebra (which is not what's above - I hope - I still don't know where that fits in). I said, give me a minute. 

I cleaned Morgan up, put her in her chair with some cheerios. Then, I went to my recent Target Dollar Spot stash and pulled out valentine's window clings. I situated Bekah in front of our back door and she had a blast.

Then, since they where occupied I was able to sit down with Shelby. I thought instead of reading, I am going to TEACH. Me! I am going teach! So I took her step by step through a few problems, then left her to do her assignment and assessment. And can I tell you the girl ACED them. We did it! We did it! Yeah! Lo hicimo! We did it! (been watching way too much Dora).

I was so proud of her. She did it. We were both exhausted, but we pulled it off.

So, the lessons I learned today are
I need more sleep
breathe (why is that I have to re-learn all the time)
tackle one thing at a time
And...schooling at home is going to be hard sometimes. Really, really hard and I'll go to be EXHAUSTED, but it so worth it to see the look on Shelby face when she goes from pure confusion to getting it and MASTERING IT!! Woohoo!

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