Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween in November

Remember when I used to be "a blogger"? I used to document my life and the life my family daily instead of once every few months. Remember when pictures were from yesterday, not a month ago? Me too. All I can say is be happy to see Halloween in November instead of not at all. I'm really trying to write again, but with three children and other life events that I hope to share with you soon things like sitting to blog get put on the back burner.

So, here is a recap of Halloween today.

I say Halloween, but we didn't trick or treat on the 31st, maybe next year.

This year we went back to our favorite pumpkin patch so I could get this picture.
Morgan's First Pumpkin Patch Picture!

She was a pro at taking this picture. It was so different then her sister. 

Bekah's First Pumpkin Patch Picture - she was only about 2 weeks old.

Two years have flown by and she was able to be a big girl this year at the Pumpkin Patch.

She wasn't into taking pictures that much though since there were a bunch of people there. They were all a bit off. There are the best group shots I could get.

I think pictures like this make up for not getting a group shot, though:

Morgan did a lot of hay eating and pumpkin kissing.

It was a great day and we ending by buying each girl a little pumpkin. It wore Bekah out.

On the Saturday before Halloween our church held a Fall Festival. I took my little lady bug and owl with me along with a ninja turtle (not a single picture).

As I was getting the little girls dressed I was telling Shelby how much things have changed since she was little. Shelby always had a costume with all the accessories and I made sure every detail matched. As you can see Bekah is wear her white converse and Morgan's costume is actually a sweatshirt, but they are dressed, so I thought I was doing good.

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