Thursday, May 2, 2013


Today is the National Day of Prayer. It's a day to pray for our leaders and our nation. I invite you to visit the National Day of Prayer website today for more information.

This morning I am praying for our Nation, but I'm also praying for this young girl. 
This beautiful young girl is Ruby Contreras. She is 14 and lives in my town (or city - we are in the burbs). She is a Middle School student who was last since April 24th leaving school. She is believed to be with a 26 year old man that she met online. They were last seen in El Paso, Texas. Here is a video from our local news.

View more videos at:

If you follow me on facebook you are thinking "you are obsessed with this case, Dana." That could be a somewhat true statement and let me tell you why - that could have been me. My heart ached as the details started to unravel about this story. With each detail I was brought back to an indecent I got myself involved in when I was just 13. I am not ready for details, let me just tell you that I praise God this morning that I was safely brought out of the situation - I was not smart. I made what could have been a life changing mistake. That day and the what ifs are really messing with me as I pray for Ruby. 

11:52 pm on 5/2/13 Post Edit: Ruby has been found safe in Mexico. They have her and the man in custody. The authorities are working with the Mexican authorities to get her back to the United States. Again, please pray for this young girl. Her life has been changed this week. I am in tears and praising the Lord that she was found safe. 

I pray that she returns home safely and I pray for her spirit. No matter the outcome this is going to leave a mark on the rest of her life. I pray for understanding of God's plan for her life. I'm praying hard for this girl. 

Not only does it make me deal with the mistakes of my young life; it makes prepare for another serious discussion with Shelby about internet safety and things people will tell you to lead you astray (physically and mentally). I was about to say it tough raising kids these days, but I'm reminded that that could of been me twenty-two years ago long before internet was common thing. Scary. 

In the timely manner that God has I read an article yesterday written by Jennifer K Dean and released by Faithlife Women called Parenting by Prayer. Let me share a few parts that stuck out to me then I invite you to go read the entire article. 

They discuss how you "cannot parent character into your children". Dean stated, You can correct and punish him when you catch him lying; you can teach him honestly by example; you can show him videos and read him stories that teach honesty; you can lead him to memorize Scriptures about honesty. Oh, my I did all of these over the weekend along with having Shelby write "I will not lie" about 300 times followed by bible verse that back up my point. 

Dean continues, By doing these things, you will certainly lay the groundwork and give him the tools to live honestly, but you cannot make him honest. Why? Because truth has to reside in his innermost being, and you cannot put truth into his innermost being. That's something God has to do. 

Only God can out truth and wisdom inside your child. 

Dean goes on to talk about praying in the spirit not in the flesh. See if this sound as familiar to you as it did to me. She says, Our flesh will pray, "Don't let anything bad happen." To which the Lord will say, "I need to allow disappointment, pain, and failure so that I can give him the treasures of darkness and the riches stored in secret places." I was told by a wise woman (Kasey Van Norman) to question the use of scripture. This statement is pulled from Isaiah 45:3. I'm officially putting it on my list of things to do today to make sure I like the way it's used here. I'll do a post edit later if I don't care for it - it may take me a bit. 

Anyway, please go read the entire article: Parenting by Prayer

And now take a deep breath as I am having to do this morning. I leave you with this token that has touched me this morning.  

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31

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