Friday, March 1, 2013

Insta Catch-Up

Time to catch-up...
Everyone is happy that Grammy is in the house! 

Absolutely Loved this post to come soon!

Target never fails...I was on a mission to find these guys and I bought the last two. 

Speaking of last two...I've been stalking these pillows for months and I found two left on clearance for $5 one for Bekah and one for Morgan. 

I found out this week that I can't stand driving outside of my bubble especially into Dallas, but I couldn't exactly ask my mom to take a cab from the airport. 

Bekah was all kinds of dressed up to watch the Oscars. I am sure one day she will dread this picture. 

I'm trying to spend as much time with her as possible before she becomes a big sister. 

I found my phone on the kitchen floor and looks like Bekah was looking up "home."

I went to lunch with Lacy and Gloria last Saturday...we had a blast. They stocked me up on diapers...I am still not sure what they mean by Drama.

All I have to say is the child is crazy. She's been taking her socks off her feet and wearing them on her hand.

Yesterday, I had to ask Bekah's teach if she was behaving after capturing this video. She's telling that baby to "sit down" "sit still" and "No no." Her teacher said that her friends have been in trouble, but not Bekah. 

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  1. Those are the cutest pillows! Are they from Target? I've not seen them, I'll have to look.


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