Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Up in The Air

So many things are up in the air right now in my life. I am trying to patiently wait for each piece to fall so that the others will fall in place behind it. I could share post after post with you, but I'm stuck because of my pieces...being all in the air. Am I making since at all? I am not a control freak at all, but this is all driving my crazy.

One thing that did fall into place perfectly - way more perfectly then I ever could have imagined - is that JAG and I signed the papers yesterday afternoon selling my home. This my independence home that I wrote about in October of 2010 - you can read it here.

Shelby and I spent Saturday sweeping floors and getting things ready. It was such a bitter sweet experience for us. We had so many good times, but just about the same about of bad times. To top it all off my tenants trashed the home. I spent most of Saturday explaining to Shelby how someone could do this to her home. We also took such good care of it and she didn't understand how anyone could abuse it so badly. She was happy to hear that the house would be "re-vamped" by a nice man and then sold again to a family who would love it as much as we did.

Yesterday afternoon it was odd...almost a shocking feeling that that chapter of my life is officially closed especially as I was signing paper work that stated that I was single when I purchased the property and married now. Man, what a difference almost 5 years makes - I think that is one of those "duh" statements...lots of things change in 5 years. My feelings towards this house have changed...they have changed since I wrote the post in 2010. I look at this house and say "goodbye" easily. The time had come - time to leave this house in the past. It's officially...it's no longer mine...I don't even have a key to it and it's such a relief to have that responsibility. Owning two homes and being a landlord is over-rated...just an FYI.

I did menu plan this week...I'll try to share that tomorrow. Please pray that all my pieces settle where they should be so we can start moving forward with things in our life.

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