Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm OK

I went to the specialist this morning and I didn't get the exact news I wanted, but I am ok.

The perfect appointment would go as follows.

I would walk in, have a sono and then I would be told to go check myself in the hospital to have this baby.

Yep, I was dreaming. Which I'm surprised that I'm not sleep walking after the crappy night I had. I told my mom this morning, "I could pull over get out the car and sleep peacefully on the sidewalk." I am that tired. Of course the sleep would be interrupted after about an hour because then I would start itching.

Anyway, back to the non-dreaming doctors appointment. Let me just say if you need a really good OB specialist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area let me know - I am in doctor love with the one I found.

He actual did a sonogram of my gallbladder. Duh! Why hadn't that been done before? Did you know that your gallbladder is all the way up under your boob? Well, I didn't...I thought is was down  lower, but I never took anatomy so many things about my body shock me.

He noticed I have a large gall stone and some little ones too. This could be a part of the issue, but really I just have to wait till I have issues before that organ can be removed - which is fine with me.

He agreed that I have all the signs of ICP, but he cannot give me a true diagnoses since my blood work is till peachy keen. Well poo!

Next he looked at my amniotic fluid. He said I was borderline polyhdramnios (that is what they call having a large amount of fluid). Since I have so much fluid Morgan is free to move around as much as she wants. She went from in position head all the way to my cervix on Tuesday to fully breech today. He still wants me to have weekly sonograms, but he didn't seem too extremely concerned.

What made him my new dream doctor is I could straight out ask him about the dreaded term "still born" and he actually answered me. I didn't get an "everything will fine" response. He said even if I was 100% healthy he couldn't rule out still born completely, but since I have three things against me (age, ICP symptoms and high amniotic fluid) the sooner we can get Morgan out the better. I was relived to hear that he and I are on the same page. He recommends delivery around 38 weeks. He even said if my symptoms were too much to handle that I could ask for induction sooner, but I would have to strongly talk my OB into will be a fight.
Profile Pic from today. Can't wait to meet her!

Miss Morgan is a BIG baby already. Today I am 35 weeks and 2 days along, but baby girl is measuring well over 38 weeks. That makes me so happy! Seriously, I'm not concerned about labor at all. I would prefer to have a big chunky baby.

Let's see what else am I missing...nothing really. Shelby of course is right on track with the way I thought she'd act with my mom in town...urgh!

I made banana bread yesterday and it took me back to the summer I lived with my Meme. Meh. I should make it more often, but I always forget how much of each ingredient to use. I normally would call Meme and ask "now how much sugar?" "is it baking powder or soda?". I wrote the recipe down this time and taped it inside a cabinet, so I have no excuse for throwing out old bananas.

My great internal debate is do I brave the cold for one last outing with my girlfriends to First Monday Trade Days in Canton? I really want to go, but I am soooo pregnant and it's going to be cold, but I REALLY want to go! JAG is all for mom disagrees...maybe I'll asked Shelby for a tie breaker.

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