Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What day is it?

I almost titled this post as "Tuesday" them it hit me that today is not Tuesday. I believe it's Wednesday. It's been a day.

This morning I woke everyone up early and drug them out in the cold to my 27 weeks doctor appointment. It's the appointment where I had my glucose screen and sono. You know fasting since midnight then drink the nasty orange junk them sit and wait...that was my morning with both the girls a JAG.

Bekah is still in pain with her ear infection so she was moody, Shelby was bored and moody, I was hungry and mood. And JAG you ask? Well he was the only one I'm a good mood as usual.

We got to see Morgan and she is perfectly on track. Since the girls were with me the sono tech gave me some 4d shots.

I'm blogging from my phone again as I rock Bekah. I hope she feels better soon. I miss my happy baby.

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