Friday, January 18, 2013


I have been kind of off the blogging wagon for a good week or more. It all started with this sweet girl got a stomach virus and passed it around to everyone, but me. I guess I have serious immune system going on.

We started this bible study last week! I am so excited!

Bekah's teacher gave her pigtails - I love them!

The first of two projects Shelby had for school this week. She got an A on this one!

Wonder-Woman goes places with us and Bekah holds her little Wonder-Woman hand!

Yes it is!

The start of project #2 - the Titanic...guess what these are

The sinking ship

The final! Her teacher said it's her favorite!

Had to do a three hour glucose screen and got a chance to start this book. It's good...I may have to re-read to make sure I'm doing what she says. Blood glucose test came back fine! Yea!

I don't really play video games, but this is on my birthday wish list. Isn't it adorable?

Menu planning dream!!! More on Monday with a full menu planning post!

Love this girl, but she is ALWAYS busy!

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