Sunday, January 6, 2013

Be More Thoughtful

This year I want to be More Thoughtful...I'm not sure if that is correct wording for it or not. 
Yes, I still use a paper planner...I just can't let go!

Let me just tell  you (without comparing) I have sister in-laws that are super women when it comes to thank you notes, birthday cards and gifts. And well I...I just plain suck at it. My excuse...I have one sister and we really don't do cards. My meme was the card pro...she never missed an event - I miss that about her. 

I told JAG two days ago that 2013 is the YEAR!!! Birthday cards will go out...with gifts! Hopefully on time and to the correct address. Thank you notes will be written!

I want to be thoughtful this year! It takes very little time and money to say "Hey we remembered this year and we love you!"

Let me apologize now for all the birthdays and thank you notes I missed in 2012...I'll catch you this year!

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