Thursday, December 6, 2012

When I Don't Write

When I don't write it usually means two things. I am either slammed with life or all I would write would be complaints and whines about life.

This week it's both, but I thought I still needed to write today.

It's been a long week that was started by a stressful weekend.

First off I will NEVER EVER NEVER be a landlord again!!! I am happy to report that I am selling (contracting pending) my home that has had tenants for the last two years. Thank you Lord I don't have to deal with it anymore! Let's just sum it up by saying that when you own your home you treat it with care because you've spent a small fortune and a few tears to get it and sometimes your tenants may not feel the same way about the home. They may not treat it the way you think it should be treated and leave bags of used cat litter all over the kitchen floor when they move out among other things. I think that's the politest way to end this chapter of my life.
It always looked better in the snow

Viral Infection: a statement I have heard WAY too many times in the past year! Bekah had another one this week - in her throat. They don't give antibiotics for it - she just had to tough it out with cold ice water and Tylenol.  I am sure it's no surprise to you that my child was in pain and didn't sleep.

And in the middle of all that JAG's oldest dog, Gus, had two strokes. They scared the poo out of me and I had a long debate about putting him down, but decided since he wasn't in pain that I would let nature take it's course. I am so glad I went that route because yesterday and this morning he was fine. He is still having a little trouble getting around, but he is eating a drinking. Lord bless his soul - he's JAG first born and I can't bear thinking about what this is going to do to our little family.
This was taken through a dirty window...just thought you should know. 

You notice I didn't really mention JAG's part in last two paragraphs. Yep, that's because he was traveling this week. Isn't that how it always happens - he leaves and life gets CRAZY and I get HORMONAL and I wind up balling on my mother over the phone begging for her to move back to North Texas even though I thought I didn't need her before - big mistake!

I go from "I am strong" to "just let me curl up in a ball and cry for a few minutes." In the end my strong side usually wins as I pull my self up by my boot straps and get things done as need while JAG is hours away. Life it's all that bad - there are just times when too many things hit at once. I blessed, though, to have my girl friends who listen and are willing to pitch-in even though I hardly let them (I need to work on that). And man oh man I am thankful that JAG's plane lands in a couple of hours and I can hang up my single mom hat for a bit.

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