Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pregnancy at 35 and Anxiety

Today I spent the morning checking out this cute kid on the big screen. She is doing good and weighing about 1.5 pounds! She’s a mover and a shaker already so I am looking forward to a lovely few years with two crazy toddlers.

Since I recently turned 35 I’ve moved from regular pregnancy to “high risk” thus the reason I spent the morning with a genetic counselor. This was not of my own doing – it was something my doctor strongly suggested.

Now, as many may know I struggle with anxiety. We are talking crazy palm sweating; don’t want to leave my house anxiety some days. It is normally at its worst during pregnancy. I pray a lot and do my best to stay out of situations that would cause my anxiety to flair up. I have Matt drive places that I am uncomfortable; he is always a huge help to relieve my stress. It’s difficult for me I have to admit.

On days like to today I would be freaking out dwelling on my chances of having a daughter with some sort of genetic issue, but as I sat in the office and listened to the genetic counselor read off all my chances for Morgan to have things I couldn’t even pronounce I was filled with this peace. I had this attitude of “bring it on!” I was not scared one bit. If God were to give us a child with any type of genetic issues then we would deal with those circumstances. And as many of you know, if we were given a child with Down Syndrome (my chances are 1 in 1,400) we would feel just as blessed by God as we have been with our other two daughters. I’ve spent many hours in conversations with my friends stating how I feel like I am meant to adopt or work with children with Down Syndrome.  I love this feeling of peace – the feeling that God has our back and everything happens for a reason and a purpose in life.

As I sit here now knowing that as of today Morgan is perfect and I am truly blessed I am not at all worried about the fact that we will deliver her early – not sure how early just yet, but one of the complications of my “age” is that I have a higher risk of a still born pregnancy, so I will not carry Morgan full term. I have no anxiety in this at all – it’s that peace I was talking about. I’ve given this pregnancy to God. I know he has a plan for my life and of Morgan’s; I will walk whatever path he lays before us.

I still laugh at the fact that in one day I could change from "perfectly fine pregnancy" to "high risk pregnancy" without having any physical changes what so ever. I think there is a slight over reaction there, but they are the doctors not me. 

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  1. Hi, Dana. I'm stopping over from 'Chatting in the Sky' link-up. Your blog is really sweet and I'm so happy for you, as you anticipate the birth of your 3rd baby. I'm praying you continue to find peace through the Lord, who already knows this little one, yet to be born! I have known many women who have had healthy babies in their late 30s and even one who had her last at 42, so even though the doctors are being cautious, God is in full control!!!Thank heavens, huh! :) Great getting to know you through your posts. I am now following you! Stop on over at my blog ( if you get a chance!
    In His Lo♥e, Ann


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