Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Disappointed and Concerned

I think that sums up my feelings this morning, but I have hope through this statement that many of you have probably seen floating around facebook:

I've been thinking about what to say in this post since 2 am this morning - that is when I woke up in the night and found out the outcome of last night's election. I am blessed to live in a world of technology where other people's statements can convey what I am feeling this morning. 

First former governer Mike Huckabee posted this statement on his facebook page (emphasis added by me):

"There is a lot to be disappointed by in the election results this evening and I am disappointed, but not despondent.

Tonight's results only remind me that our country has slipped into a deeper state of dependence on government than I wanted to believe. Where the Goliath of government has grown so too has our dependency.

It's also increasingly apparent to me that our real problems are not politic

al, but spiritual. Both parties have failed to acknowledge that. Democrats have not wanted to even acknowledge the need for God in our public institutions, but sadly, many of the Republican leadership will acknowledge God, but not because they believe we should be humble before Him, but to use God in our speeches and platforms. We wear our love of Israel like a badge of courage but on the issues of life and marriage too many of our leaders are more like lambs than Lions of Judah.

Well now maybe our Republican Party will look at itself in the mirror. I feel that we shouldn't pack up and quit, but gear up and get ready for the next battle. That's what we do as people of faith and a party of principle. We don't stop believing what we believe. We do a better job of doing what we're supposed to do. That’s how you attract voters and win elections. And that is how you save America from herself."

Then, I ask that you read the wise words my father-in-law posted this morning. Here is one of my favorite parts: 
Many of my friends are disappointed today – maybe even deeply discouraged and worried – because of the election results. Some of my friends are happy and hopeful. But that doesn’t change my attitude toward them, nor should it shape my approach to this day. God is on the throne and Jesus is my king. I hope he is your king too.
Here is the link to his blog:

Other than all that today is Wednesday, so it's laundry and work for me today. I plan to fill in any other time in prayer.

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