Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, I mean Wednesday Randomness

This girl turns 1 tomorrow. I may need a minute to take that in…it feels like it went by in a heart beat.

We are having a party on Sunday! A party I am not at all ready for. I still have to order a cake. We have to paint three walls of our kitchen since we’ve slowly been pulling down tacky wallpaper for the past year. I really don’t want to explain that to a house full of people. JAG started painting one wall last night – the easy one that it getting a magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. I’ll show y’all when it’s done…if it’s ever done. The other two walls have to be primed, textured, and then painted – little bit more work. It seems like every time we do anything in this house we unearth the shotty cover-up work done by the past owner. Can you believe they put up molding and cabinets over existing wall paper? It’s a pain in the you know what. We’ve had to pull of and trash most of the molding (it was nasty anyway), but we will have to work around the cabinets. Just don’t look closely at my kitchen walls please.

Poor JAG is going to have to do most of the work by himself because of the paint fumes and baby #3. Also because I am sick – perfect timing huh? I am the sickest I have been in a long time. Not, pregnancy morning sickness sick – head cold, chest cold, nasty cough, and ears infected sick. Yesterday, my OBGYN finally agreed to give me z-pak thank goodness. I am still a hot mess though. This morning I woke up at 4 am and my right eye was crusted shut. Yeap, I have what looks like pink eye in my right eye. I am sure it has to do with all this other crazy cold junk I have.

The timing sucks. I have so much to do in my house, at work and for an upcoming women’s retreat. I hope today I feel like getting out of my pjs and hoody (my cold) and getting busy. So far, I’m the only sick family member which is good.

Well, I just heard my washer buzz so I am going to stop talking your ear off and rearrange some laundry. I hope you are doing well and have a blessed week.

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