Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bekah's Pumpkin 1st Birthday Party

We had Bekah's birthday party on Sunday and things went so much better then I had expected. You see I had planned a big party in the backyard. I had thought and planned this party for months, so when the Texas weather decided to skip Fall and jump right to Winter I was a bit stressed out. After a small melt down I pulled myself together and moved the party indoors. We moved furniture, set up chair and hung decorations all over my small house.

Bekah and MammaB. Bekah was a bit overwhelmed and emotional.

Highchair Bunting

Tissue Paper Puffs

Instagram Pictures from the first year. I had two more of these hanging in other places. I've taken a ton of pictures of this kid.

Birthday cake by Kroger. They did great!

Pumpkin Smash Cupcake

Pinterest Inspired Flowers

We decided to go with a hotdog bar - Idea came from Jess.

Girlfriends and Bekah

We were still able to have the kids paint pumpkins outside. They had a blast.

Ready for cake

kisses from daddy

She had no problem digging in!

Then it was on to presents. I'm glad we opened the cellphone towards the end because that is all she wanted. Sister screened her calls for her!

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  1. I adore these photos from pumpkin party a lot. These decorations are stunning. I have just bookmarked this post. My girl’s 1st birthday is coming and I am planning a DIY party for her. And would like to book one of the best venues in Chicago for this bash.


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