Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Road Trip: SIX

I debated on making the title for this post: Hey SIX Shelby Wants to Know if You Can Make it SEVEN? You'll see why..

When Branson was decided for our summer family vacation I was in, but knew nothing about Branson. The most I knew about Missouri was a small town I traveled to over ten years ago for a funeral. My coworkers jumped on the research bandwagon and sent me links to things like Dolly Parton's Dixie Land Stampede. I thought oh yeah...I will fit in just fine. My mom kept saying "Thinking Mikey is there...I think the Oak Ridge Boys are there." Needless to say I was slightly apprehensive.

Let me stop for a minute and tell you about me. I adamantly oppose country music. Anytime JAG turns it on I sigh and whine till he changes the channel, but what he wants the world to know is I cannot stand country music, but can sing every Garth Brooks song word for word. So, I have some country in me...there was that time in Junior High when it was cool . Anyway, I love me some classic country: Patsy, Crystal Gale, Dolly and yes I even know some Oak Ridge Boys. So even though I say I was apprehensive I really think its all a front...just wanted to let you know.

Did that make sense at all? Back to my story.

We decided to break up and go to see a show on two nights. The first night it was JAGdad, MommaB and Shelby, then JAG and I went the following night to the same show. I had no clue who SIX was and my daughter decided even before she went that she would give me zero details about the show.

Fast forward to Thursday night, JAG and I are in the condo winding down from our trip to the outlet mall as I am perusing Facebook and see this picture.

I seriously thought "they didn't say that someone else was going to the show with them. Who is this guy they have hooked up with my daughter?" Then I found out this is no guy...this is Curtis Knudsen who is the youngest member of SIX and is Shelby's big crush right now...maybe bigger than the Biebs. This picture was snapped as Curtis was entering the building for their show. That car to the left is his and Shelby quickly told me after the show that Curtis' color is Blue - which is Shelby favorite color. Too bad for Shelby that even though he looks young he could be her father and he is also married with three children...sorry Shel. 

Let me tell you about SIX. They are Six brothers that are actually the first six kids that their parents have - there are 10 total children in their family - all boys. SIX has no instruments and make all their music with their take seven minutes to watch this...

When the show started I looked over at JAG and rolled my eyes. My first thought "it's the back street boys, but older and in Branson so a bit cheesier." I was very wrong and really enjoyed the much I bought a CD. 

My enjoyment was nothing compared to Shelby's. She came skipping back into our condo with a blue t-shirt (for Curtis of course) signed by each member. Then she firmly requested we spend the rest of her souvenir budget on a DVD of the show. Let me tell you that I have heard that DVD playing at least 20 times since we have been back. Sometimes it's hard to heard over Shelby's voice as she belts out the songs along with them.  When I go in to lower the volume for the hundredth time I am bombarded with questions like

Which one was your favorite? Isn't great how they let that one brother who only made the drum noises actually sing? Don't you just love Barry's voice? Look did you see how Curtis did that? What's your favorite song mom? Did you see the video of their mother? Why don't the other four brother sing? 

On and on and on, but if it makes the girl happy then she can play it for weeks. It much more morally sound then some of the other things she wants to listen to or watch, so I am good. 

If you want more information here is their website

I have to tell you that during the entire show (and even today as write this) my marketing brain was going crazy...hmmm...six brothers singing...if they can do it then four brothers might work too...hmmm...


I could make millions!!! I would just have to get one of them to agree to bleach and spike his hair! Hmmm...

Tomorrow I will wrap this all up with the one thing Shelby wanted to do on our trip and the blast she had doing it along with other randomness from Branson. 

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