Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Road Trip: Getting There

It's Monday and I started my day with an inbox full of email and a sick child. Can I go back on vacation please?

Shelby started running a fever as soon as we got home on Saturday and officially has strep. Though her throat doesn't hurt she has a round of horse pill size antibiotics and is in quarantine for the next 24-hours. She is watching Radio Rebel over and over. Have you seen it? It is the Disney Channel's version of Pump Up the Volume - remember with Christian Slater, but much cheesier. Between that and watching her Six DVD (more on Six later) over and over her time is passing by quickly - I actually hear her singing as I type this so don't worry she will be fine. 

So, today I went through all my pictures - just 245 of them which is actually good for a week long vacation. I have to say this one is my favorite!
I'll give you more details about it later in the week, but I love it! Look at those faces! I am going to use this picture for years to come. You need a picture for her senior year? Oh, I have one! Wedding video? I have the best picture to start the slideshow! Love love love it!

Anyway, back to the trip. I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive about driving eight hours with a ten year old and a nine month old in a minivan with one working rear door and a half working air-conditioner. At least the dogs stayed behind - we have an awesome house sitter...I think he may have even mopped my kitchen floor while we were gone. 

You could sum my feelings about the pending road trip up like this:
I did go to Target alone last night and it was WONDERFUL

In typical fashion, though, my inner Martha kicked in the day before. I decided to get crafty. I made Shelby a road trip time line to count the time away. It was a free printable you can find on The Data Divas blog - here.
yes it's blurry and yes that is sister girl's undergarment right there - keeping it real for you!
I also prepared her a notebook with a map of where we were going, license plate bingo (also from datadivas) and coloring pages. Enough bragging about myself let me finds some more pictures for you. 

We got Bekah a new "big girl" car seat which made a world of difference for her and kept her so comfortable the entire trip. 

Doughnut stop - I had a huge snack list and even brought lunch for our trip, but spaced on breakfast. Did I tell you that decided to leave at 5 am and did I also tell you that we actually left at 5:05 am. Those of you who know my husband us, know that is a BIG thing. Gold stars all around! Leaving that early helped so much, but I was so tired. My inner Martha kept me up until midnight, then Bekah decided to wake up at 3 am, so it was a long day for me. 

When JAG asked me what was one thing I wanted to do during this road trip I said - take a picture of Shelby at every state line since this was her first road trip out of Texas. Well...I decided that the first rest stop/visitor center was better than placing by baby on the side of a major highway. Our first stop was Oklahoma of course. 
Don't you just love sister girl's road trip fashion...this is also her fashion for surgery (when she had her adenoids out) and just about anything that requires waking up early in the morning. Those black bands are not sweat bands they are motion sickness bands and they sure did do the trick - not once did we have to access the stash of plastic bags that I had under her car seat. 
As we were leaving the rest stop Shelby saw this truck and thought it was so cool. Ok ok I admit...I thought it was awesomely cool and Shelby was not too impressed. 
A little road stop snuggle photo-op. 
Bekah has learned to smile at the camera - the days of a mouth wide open are over the girl has perfected an adorable little smile. 

After what seemed like forever we made it to Arkansas. I have to say, with no offense intended, Oklahoma is a hard state to drive through. There really isn't much to look at along the way.

I hate to admit, but JAG was right Arkansas is beautiful. I fell in love with the hills, mountains and oh so many trees. 
yeap that's bird poo...sorry

Mountains and Trees

And tunnels through mountains that reminded me of Hawaii.

Then, before you knew it eight hours had passed and we were in Branson! Yes, I know I missed the Missouri state line picture...not sure why, but we spaced and I don't have one. Also, I have very few pictures of Branson. Here is the Titanic though.
Actually the Titanic Museum. We didn't get a chance to go, but MamaB and JAGdad did. They said it was very good.
We were happy to be there settled in with our family even if it was for just one night. 

The next day we headed to Cape Girardeau, Missouri to see GrandmaB. More on that tomorrow, but I will share this picture with you that I snapped from her fridge...
This very well could be my second favorite picture of the entire trip!

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