Friday, July 13, 2012


I should being doing the dishes that have pilled up in my sink, but I felt you really needed to see the pictures I've taken on my phone.

I love the faces in Bekah's toys!

Bekah giving daddy kisses after work

Bekah and I bought flowers at the grocery store for no reason...we just needed flowers.

I gave myself an in-home french manicure...this is my left hand...I won't show you my right hand - it's a mess. 

She looked so old this day...I think it was her outfit.

It's time to retire the bouncy seat!

This was almost an impulse buy at Target, but I left it there for another day...maybe tomorrow. I love it!

As usual, I am linking up with Life Rearranged. You should go visit and while you are there tell Jeannette congratulations her new son Owen is ADORABLE!!! Makes me want to have another. 
life rearranged

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