Friday, June 1, 2012

Insta Friday

Here is a little Instagram catch-up for you!

I have a friend who can pull of the duck face...I cannot! Here is my new hair!

I am so proud of my big sister! She has an awesome job that I am not cutout for, but she is! This is her in the most recent Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine - so proud! Did I say that already?

Bekah is always on the go!

Bekah had to take over feeding because I was taking too long.

I found my dad's eighth grade year book in the garage - he was so cute!

The day Shelby came back from overnight camp she passed out on the sofa - this never happens.

When I was writing my blog last week on forgiveness and bitterness I looked a passage and realized - I had been there before - I love that!

Last weekend we spent the weekend with the in-laws and did what we normally do.
This was supposed be the winning domino, but JAGdad had other ideas. 

I still love pictures of this baby sleeping

I can also get her to smile!

Another sleeping baby picture!

Bekah was really quiet this morning playing with something on the floor then I realized it was her father's snazzy remote. 

She decided to record Roseanne for later - at least it wasn't Jerry Springer. 

Peace Out!

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