Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Blog Formerly Known as StrawberryTart!

Well, as you know I have been doing a ton of thinking and praying regarding my blog name. I kept thinking I really really wanted something that is me, something that captures who I am today as compared to where I was three years ago when I started writing this blog. I wanted something that resembled more of my heart and didn't sound like a possible food blog.

The other night it dawned on me - just keep it simple. I thought there is nothing more me then my name - the name that was given to me by parents and probably thought of before I was even born. I didn't want to just have it be Dana, so I took it one step further and now call this blog Dana Rae.

I am almost positive that I am happy with this name - I second guess myself too often.

Anyway, update your information. My new blog address is

(DanaRae was taken, so I had to add the B)

Now, it time for a little blog clean-up including a new AboutMe - which I hope to get to sometime this week. 

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