Monday, May 21, 2012


Our weekend (partially) in pictures:

Shelby decided to go old school with some sprinkler fun on Saturday as JAG mowed the lawn. 

I spent Saturday morning running errands and getting my hair chopped - pictures later. 

When I had a chance to relax it was on the sofa reading this book that I picked up at Sam's last week. I am almost half way through - you know that means it has to be good. I will do a full review when I am finished. 

We spent a lot of time keeping this girl out of stuff. 

And yesterday it became official: We have a crawler in our house! Child proofing time! Please forgive my crazy high pitched mommy voice in the video - it's not everyday that your child masters crawling!

Want to know what else is official - well almost official. I have a Middle School student! I got my first letter the parents of Shelby. 

I am not ready, I am not ready! How did time go by so quickly?

No menu plan for this week - planned, but then scratched it all. I really just want to eat sandwiches all week - we will see how my family feels about that. 

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