Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Rambling

I just have a few things to say on this Thursday.

I need a new blog name. StrawberryTart! was a product of my friend Nicole and it fit me in 2009 when this blog started, but I am not sure if it is what I want now. Or is it? I am not sure I am on the fence and spend hours in thought searching for the perfect title that represents me today: who I am and what I want to present to the world.

With that I really really badly need to re-do my about me. It’s a rambling mess. Maybe I can work on it this weekend.

On Tuesday, I post on my Facebook that I do not plan to read Fifty Shades of Grey after reading this post: It was just what I needed. I expect some push back from friends, but got a few likes – surprised.

JAG and I had a discussion last night that resonated and was confirmed this morning. To sum it I avoid conflict about some things and I side step a lot of things, but regards to my faith I CANNOT avoid any conflicts. I am not sure if that was the direction he was taking me or if that is what he meant, but this morning that is feeling I received. It was confirmed when Kelly at Kelly’s Korner posted this quote.

Bekah has this fake laugh that has now developed into a crazy cough – it sounds like she has something stuck in her throat, but I promise that she is perfectly fine and doing it on purpose.

This song came on Pandora this morning and it to took me back to my early twenties when I work in a funeral home. I have heard I’ll Fly Away millions of times and probably said “urgh, not I’ll Fly Away again”, but I love this version.

And to leave you at the end of this randomness – I love this quote today:
Give God your mess and let it become your message ~Joyce Meyer

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